Nutale GPS Tracker

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    Real-time Locating

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    Safety Region

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    Location Records

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    Emergency SOS

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    Accurate Locating

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    Ultra-long Standby

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    Group Sharing

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    Smart Locating

Real-time locating for travel safety

Check the real time locations of your parents, kids and pets who are carrying Nutale GPS trackers. Find your family members, friends and belongings more efficiently.

Timely alarms when leaving the safety region.

Nut app will alarm you immediately when the Nutale tracker is leaving the safety region you set. Keep your family members and belongings in safety.

Location records of the last 28 days

Check the Nutale tracker’s complete location records of the last 28 days in Nut app.

One touch SOS for emergencies

Press the Nutale GPS tracker button for 3 seconds to send emergency SOS to get in time help.

Accurate locating with multiple locating technologies

Combining GPS, GLONASS, Wi-Fi, base station and AGPS technologies for accurate locating. The outdoor locating accuracy can reach 5 meters.

  • GPS
  • WiFi
  • Base Station
  • AGPS

Ultra-long standby

Nutale GPS tracker comes with ultra-long standby time for 5-8 days.

Share Nutale with others for multi-protections

Share your Nutale with family members and friends through Nut app to get multi-protections.

Smart locating to suit for different scenarios

Choose different working modes to suit for different using scenarios and get the location updates automatically.

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    Spill Resistant

    Nutale GPS tracker is spill and raindrops resistant for daily life. Wipe it up if it gets wet. Do not wear it for washing or showering. Do not soak.

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    Ultra-low Radiation

    Nutale GPS tracker has passed the CQC test. The product quality and safety is guaranteed.

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    Low Battery Alert

    Nut app will send you alerts when the Nutale battery is lower than 20% and 10%. Nutale will also beep to alert you, and the battery lighter will turn into red when you press its button.


Unique design. Secure all that you care about

Unique appearance design of cobblestone. A hardware with graceful and elegant look. Combination of style and functionality.

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