What is the main function of Nut beacon®?

Nut beacon® mainly broadcasts some certain Bluetooth 4.0 info which can be used as a trigger for info exchange. For example, if we broadcast that certain Bluetooth info around a dress, a message including its price, discount, material, origin and craft will be sent to the smart phones of consumers who are 1 meter close to this dress.

Does Nut beacon® compatible with Apple iBeacon protocol?

Yes. We are officially authorized by Apple, and Nut beacon® is compatible with iBeacon protocol so that it works well on iPhones and iPads.

How to manage nut beacon®?

We offer mobile phone application for users to set, check and revise the nut beacon® info.

Do the consumers need App to exchange info with nut beacon®?

Yes. Consumers need smart phones and Apps such as WeChat and Alipay which support nut beacon®. Without such Apps, the smart phone will ignore messages from beacon.

Where to buy nut beacon®?

Please kindly contact 13901316885 for sales service.

How long can one battery work for Nut Beacon®?

One Nut Beacon® is powered by two zinc-manganese batteries, technically it can work for 3years. But the signal cover range and daily working hours will influence its usage time.

Nut Beacon® employs BLE technology and there is no need to worry about the recharge issue. Also you can get the new generation of Nut Beacon® in 3 years.

Working range for Nut beacon®

Usually the BLE wireless module can cover the largest range to 2700m². The working range will be influenced and interfered by the surroundings and nearby wireless signals.

How accurate can the indoor locations be?

The indoor accuracy is mainly decided by the usage. The working range can be set as 50–70 meters if it is used for info push in a large range; if it used for offering detailed info when customers approach the commodity, the range can be set as 5-10cm, so the location can be highly accurate.

How to install Nut beacon®?

Each Nut beacon® is offered together with one 3M sticker. You can stick Nut beacon® to any plat place such as glass windows, wooden doors and walls. Please kindly be noted that the working range might be influenced if it is stuck to metal surface.

Does Nut beacon® require external power?

Nut beacon® is powered by two zinc-manganese batteries, no external power source is required.

Does Nut beacon® require cable?

Nut beacon® is Bluetooth 4.0 base station which works independently after set by phone, no cable required.

Do the users need turn Bluetooth on to use Nut beacon®?

Nut beacon® employs the BLE technology which consumes very little phone power. For users who are not willing to receive messages from Nut beacon®, they can simply turn their phone Bluetooth off.

Do we need specific phone types to receive messages from Nut beacon®?

Technically all the phones with Bluetooth 4.0 can receive messages from Nut beacon®. There is a list for all the devices support Bluetooth 4.0 by Bluetooth SIG. Generally speaking, iPhone 4s and above, Android phones with system 4.3 and above are all supported.

Do the merchants need specific phone types to support Nut beacon®?

Please kindly use iPhone 4s and above phones with iOS 7.0 or above, and Android phones with Android 4.3 and above systems.

How to purchase Nut beacon®?

Please kindly call 400-600-6873 and contact our sales representative for details.

Can Nut beacon® be ordered in large quantity?

Please kindly contact us for the price if you need Nut beacon® in large quantity.

Can Nut beacon® be returned and changed if there is problem?

Please kindly contact us for the return and change service if there is a problem with your Nut beacon®.